Hazel Griffiths
Guest Speaker

I have just returned home from the Arctic Cruise on the Boudicca and I just wanted to say that I found your port talks excellent, as far as I am concerned they couldn't have been improved in any way.
I have been cruising with Fred Olsen for well over ten years now and my experience of the port talks has not been positive until this Arctic Cruise. I can see that you put in an enormous amount of hard work, with lots of research and also have some special presentation skills which make them extremely interesting and very useful indeed.
I have seen Hazel's presentations on several occasions. Her breadth and depth of knowledge amaze me, and her skills as a presenter are outstanding. These attributes coupled with her engaging personality make her an ideal speaker and facilitator. (Queen Mary 2)
Full houses for all lectures.
The best Greenland and Iceland lecturer without doubt.
 (Cruise Director: Boudicca)
We have known Hazel as a Port Speaker for several years. She is well informed on her subjects and provides pictorial evidence of her trips to the places mentioned.
 We have heard her speak on other subjects, which prove informative and show touches of humour and feeling. Hazel has a pleasant and easy-to-listen-to speaking voice. She is easy on the eye and is entertaining company when she is 'off duty'. (Boudicca)
Hazel is by far the top of her class. In fact maybe she should write a handbook. In all my years on board different ships I have never seen anyone that had the passengers talking about them as much as her, singing her praises constantly.
She is so lovely and she was brilliant.
(Jenni Trent Hughes - ITV's Loose Women)

Cruise ship scores have exceeded 94% consistently
Hazel Griffiths, Port Lecturer, is amazing. She presents the history and culture of every stop, with wonderful personal photos, and gives a clear idea of what to expect from trips and excursions. It's clear that she is passionate about travel and can share that enthusiasm with everyone. A pleasure to listen to, and a delightful person to know (Edwina Currie, Writer and Broadcaster; Former-MP)