***NEW*** Grace - Perfect Princess or Amazing Actor?

South American Journey: Travelling to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Motion of the Ocean: The story of how I became a Cruise Ship speaker, with tales of my travels.

Fridtjof Nansen – Courage and Compassion: How does a polar explorer win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Santa Evita - The life and legacy of Eva Perón. Was she a saint or a sinner?

Arctic Adventurers: The race for the North Pole. We all know that Amundsen was the first man to the South Pole, but who reached the North Pole first?

Fire and Ice - Cruising to Greenland and Iceland.

The Rise and Fall of the Portuguese Empire: How did such a small nation build the first Global Empire? They became one of the richest nations on earth, so why are they almost bankrupt today?

The Great Age of Discovery (part 1): How did Europe’s seamen change from coast-hugging sailors to intrepid ocean-going mariners? And why? This talk explores from the Vikings to the discovery of the New World.

The Great Age of Discovery (part 2): After the discovery of the New World, the Spice Race hots up.This talk continues the story of the great Portuguese-Spanish rivalry of the sixteenth century, culminating in the first Round-the-World trip.

FEE £50
plus travel at 40p per mile
(return journey from CW5)

2020 fee will be £60

Speaking at Madeley U3A.

Photo by Roy Gadsden