Hazel Griffiths
Guest Speaker

I am living my dream life - travelling as a Destination Speaker on board cruise ships.

 This combines my love of geography and travel,
with my skills as a researcher, photographer and presenter.

 It is hard work too - preparing every talk takes many hours as I ensure that it is accurate, that I know the place like a local and that my talk is tailored to suit the audience profile and time of year when we visit.
I never give the same talk twice - it changes every time.

My talks cover the history, geography and culture of a destination.

I highlight the important sights to see, and reveal hidden gems, with personal insights.
I want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day ashore, making the most of their available time.

I have several general talks that I can offer cruise lines as an addition to my Destination Talks, and these can complement the itinerary.

 Many of my talks are suitable for local groups.